Sunday, 15 February 2015

Welcome to my blog.

Hello and welcome to Rosefairy Cards' blog. 

A bit about me.

My name is Debby and although I have always had a 'crafty' side, I didn't start crafting seriously until August 2011. Having just finished a degree in Mental Health Nursing, I realised that I had never had a hobby to escape to in my free time. A good friend who made cards suggested I gave it a go, so off I went to my local craft shop ( , where the owner, Jackie gave me  loads of advice and a starting point. A few weeks later, work colleagues and friends were asking me to make them cards for all occasions. I am pleased to say that Jackie and I are now great friends and she continues to give me support and continues to supply me with craft products.

After a year of trial and error and having loads of fun, I decided to set up a Facebook page in 2012 and that was the beginning of Rosefairy Cards. I have now progressed in my craft and love trying new techniques, tools and mediums. Thanks to other crafters who have posted tutorials and inspiration online, I have learnt lots of new techniques, along with experimentations of my own. I  was told recently that I don't celebrate my own successes enough (not just in my crafting!) , so what better way to start,  than by jumping in the deep end and sharing my love of all that is craft with the world!

Some creations of 2015 so far.

                                            The cover I did on my work diary, much more appealing!

                                                            A friend's work diary I did.

                                      This was stained with a dark wood stain before I got my hands on it!                                                  

                                                    My first mixed media canvas.

                                           Altered box.

Thank you for looking and until next time,

be inspired.

Take care

Debby x

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